Energy law
Energy law is one of our firm's key areas. Lawyers specializing in this field have significant practical experience in energy companies and experience in legal support of transactions and disputes in the field of electric power engineering, exploration, exploitation and transportation of oil and gas.

Our energy practice includes:

• advice on various legal aspects of international energy cooperation;
• preparation of a legal opinion explaining the requirements of the legislation on subsoil use and electric power industry for submission to agencies on export credits and investment guarantees;
• legal support of foreign investments in fuel and energy complex of the Russian Federation;
• legal assistance during the process of obtaining the necessary permits and receiving approval from public authorities, including the permission of antimonopoly bodies;
• advice on electric and heat supplies, contracts of purchase and sale, electric energy transfer, legal questions regarding the operation of the wholesale and retail electric power markets;
• comprehensive legal support in projects in the field of exploration and exploitation of natural resources in the territorial sea and on the continental shelf;
• preparation of contracts of purchase and sale, delivery and transportation of oil and oil products;
• advice in connection with construction and reconstruction of fuel and energy complex facilities;
• preparation of concessionary agreements, joint operation agreements, syndicate agreements in the sphere of fuel and energy complex;
• advice on taxation of subsoil users and service companies carrying out activities connected with exploration and exploitation of natural recourses;
• legal analysis concerning parties' observance of obligations stated by the agreement and advice on issues arising in this regard;
• claim settlement, representation of clients' interests in various state bodies, in court, negotiation with the opponents.

Sokolov, Maslov and Partners provides comprehensive legal support to companies in matters of organization, construction, reconstruction and operation of energy complex facilities.

Energy law

Sanctions advisory services
The US, EU, UK, Canada, Switzerland and others have imposed an unprecedented package of sanctions in response to the situation in Ukraine. We are closely tracking the sanctions on Russia and its response and have set out a summary of some of the key sanctions that have been implemented.
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