Senior Associate


Alina's main specialization is projects in the field of the private international law and in the Russian civil law, the corporate law, the tax and transport law.

Alina's key projects include:

• advice on the international and Russian law in the field of the international delivery of goods, as well as the successful protection of the interests of a foreign supplier in a Russian arbitrazh (commercial) court in a dispute arising from an international delivery contract;
• complex legal support in projects in the field of the purchase and sale of shares and participation interest of companies registered on the territory of the Russian Federation, in particular with the participation of foreign legal entities;
• advising legal entities, in particular foreign air carriers, on the international and Russian law in the field of the international and domestic air transportation and the liability of an air carrier for a life or health injury to an aircraft passenger;
• registration of Russian legal entities, in particular a charitable foundation.

Alina graduated with honors from the Bachelor's and Master's programs of the Department of International Law of Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO University) with a specialization in the private international and civil law.

Alina is currently a candidate for a PhD in Law at the Department of International Private and Civil Law of MGIMO.

Alina speaks English, French and Italian.

Alina is the author of a number of scientific publications in the field of the private international law.

She was awarded with the Honorary Member Badge of the MGIMO Alumni Association for exceptionally excellent grades in her studies.
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