Construction and real estate
We provide a wide range of legal services at all stages of preparation and execution of transactions with land and other real estate objects, and in implementation of development and construction projects.

Sokolov, Maslov and Partners provides a wide range of legal services to companies operating in the fields of construction and real estate.

Construction and real estate

  • Insurance law
    We handle cases involving maritime insurance, aviation insurance, property insurance, construction insurance, professional liability and other lines of insurance business. Learn more...
  • Real estate
    We provide a wide spectrum of legal services at all stages of preparation and realization of transactions with land and other objects of the real estate, at realization of developer and building projects. Learn more...
  • Bankruptcy
    We provide legal support in bankruptcy issues to companies in various segments of business. Our experience includes projects of cross-border bankruptcy. Learn more...
  • Corporate law
    Our experience includes legal assistance in the creation, reorganisation and liquidation of companies; due diligence in the purchase and sale of companies and risk analysis. Learn more...
  • Civil and arbitration processes
    We have many years of experience in effective protection of interests of principals in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction of the Russian Federation. Learn more...
  • Commercial arbitration
    We represent the interests of Russian and foreign companies operating in various sectors of the economy and business, including transport, energy, industry, financial sector, real estate, etc. Learn more...
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